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permitYou love to fish? You’re an ‘old pro’? Or, you’ve never fished before and would like to enjoy a unique new experience? Anyone can try sunny Florida’s sport fishing action with the personal guidance FlatOut charters offers. Whether you’re an experienced angler or just trying something new, your professional guide’s friendly attention and expertise is at your command. You can have as
much or as little direction as you desire. After all, it’s your own personal excursion. You’re the boss.

Key West’s warm climate provides fantastic flatsfishing year round. The Mustang Sally¬†skiff provides a safe dry ride to a variety of fishing sites in calm and shallow waters. But don’t be fooled – within these crystal clear waters lurk the best sport fish around!

The massive silver-scaled tarpon is a strong high-jumping fighter and a favorite for many anglers. Permit, a large cudapowerful fish, is a dramatic contender caught by sight casting. Varieties of toothy and always hungry shark provide exciting and often heavy-weight catches. Barracuda, a wild fast-striking fish will leap into the air and run far with your line. Bonefish – the ghosts of the flats – are a stealthy, challenging catch found over the shallowest of the backcountry areas. Even the “little guys” such as snappers and jacks are fun to catch.

Don’t forget to bring the camera!

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